Pastor Bob Morgan

Pastor Bob has absolutely loved serving as Lead Pastor of Rosewood Community Church for six years. He always says that leading a church is “the hardest, most fun thing” he’s ever done. Even in the pulpit, Bob is the same wise, good-humored guy you’ll find if you see him out and about. He is a fearless and faithful leader who is continually looking for ways to enable the Church to help the community.

Vision and Mission
Rosewood Community Church lives to connect and empower people by modeling authentic love and applying the teachings of Jesus.

Our Core Beliefs

We will make sure that Jesus is the core of everything we do and say.

We will preach and teach the Bible, which we believe to be the inerrant Word of God.

We have a heart for the Rosewood Community.

We care equally about those who don’t already know Jesus as well as our seasoned disciples.

We believe in our carefully constructed Core Values.

We will work continuously to provide a comfortable yet challenging worship experience.

We understand that life is messy and crazy, and we embrace the fact that everyone has hurts, habits, and hang-ups. We believe that God wants us to help each other through life.

We will lovingly teach, care for, and pray for your babies and toddlers.

We work hard to ensure that your K-5 kids have a safe, positive, kid-centered experience and will help them learn how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We really mean it when we say, “come as you are,” and “wear what you want to!”

Our Core Values

RCC Glossary of Terms

Ownership: We believe that “owners” invest in the process while “members” expect benefits. We believe that people who serve the church become Owners.

Servant Leaders: We believe that everyone has a gift that can be used to help others while serving the church.

Connections Area: We have intentionally created environments where people can connect with each other.